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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  November 16, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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in all of this and today, prosecutors talked about the wiretaps in evidence of bribes and money laundering, sherry. >> reporter: i tell you, brian, it was very unexpected and all of the information we got from prosecutors about what was on the wiretaps that were done between january and june of this year and on this prominent business man. they inflamaitory and don't help the case against them and prosecutors say they could be heard moving around millions of dollars, hiding their assets and using some of that meany to line the pockets of public officials with bribes. prosecutors say that mr. melhi is heard on wiretaps discussing bribes with public officials to get things done and his wife revender was in on it, too and heard on wiretaps discussing how to launder their illegal
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gains and during the search of the family's $2.3 million mapping yesterday, investigators say that agents found 4$00,000 in cash and in that closet. prosecutors say that melhi paid police to bring hundreds of thousands in contra bands, cigarettes and alcohol to the store to sell and in wiretaps, he talked go about obtaining fake passports to smuggle jim grants from the country to mexico and he was committed for immigration fraud paying a prostitute to marry him to gain citizenship. and prosecutors say that melhi used one of the police officers, a sergeant delabra charged in this case as an enforcer to threaten people who
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yoowed him money. the judge ordered both to be detained pending their trial and they won't be released calling them a flight risk. >> what is their relationship to jack johnson? >> we got some inshite into that and -- insight into that and they never named the public officials. they just said the couple is heard on the wiretaps bribing public officials in relation to their business and the attorney told us yes, the couple does know jack johnson through their business and we know that they made donations to him and so we're learning more, although he's not specifically named by prosecutors today. >> and at the heart of the investigation is a federal program known as the home fund
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and federal investigators claim developers paid off jack johnson to get a chunk of the federal, an indication of perhaps how troubled the home program has become in prince georges county. >> reporter: and we're talking about millions of. prince georges referred 47 million from the home program and recently, the county ran that program into the ground. mary is somewhat of an expert working on housing conference. >> the home program is designed to be flexible for communities to identify where their biggest needs are and that can be used for rental housing and for home ownership, it can be used for new construction and that beauty of the program is little of the money is set aside for administration and that is concrete for housing. >> reporter: home program money has been used effectively in prince georges for renovations at places like the aging
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apartment buildings and $1 million was put towards the senior citizens housing center built by the jericho church in landover and neither project is tied to the construction case; however, according to the department of housing and urban development, hud, most of the federal dollars are wasted in prince georges, quote, over the past 10 years, the county has expended only 58% of the home funds it received and continues to say the agency met on numerous occasions with county officials trying to sort out whatever has gone wrong with managing the program. hud guess -- goes on to say that prince georges is among the worst performers in the home program and that emcludes over 600 jurisdictions nationwide and part of what is wrong is public officials like the recently arrested jack johnson has been accepting favors in exchange for the federal housing dollars and that, say experts s troubling.
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>> these programs help the working poor and the rental burden is so hey that, you know, it's a decision between buying food for your kid and paying the rental on time and somebody -- tammars use the funds. >> reporter: the county didn't meet the five-year deadline to allocate that meany. a veteran congressman has been found guilty of multiple ethics violations. charles rangle was the chairman of the powerful ways and means committee. tom fitzgerald is in the newsroom. how bad is this going to end up for him? >> reporter: this is very bad for congressman charlie rangell. he was convicted today of 11 violations of health rules and this is after a bizarre episode during the panel's hearing
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yesterday. even the case going for months and he walked out of the hearing room yesterday claiming he needed more time to here a lawyer. today, they came back in without charlie wrangle and found him guilty of solicit -- soliciting donations for company with business and while he was chairman of the committee and he was found guilty of not paying taxes on the income that he made and it was up to a democratic congresswoman who had to announce the decision this afternoon and this is interesting. even though the ranking republican had a say, he took joy in delivering this and. >> conduct in violation of the code of conduct was reflecting discreditable upon the house. we found, the majority found that to be proven anyway clear and convincing evidence on a
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vote, 7-1. >> and -- that is a difficult task. i believe that you and all the members of the subcommittee handled yourselves in a non- partisan and professional manner. >> all right,. >> the fact the panel delivered this decision as all today is remark believe, if you talk about the experts. the reason wrangle had been given the opportunity here to avoid a public trial he forced the hand and went public on this. we talked to craig coleman, the director of public affairs and listen to how rare he said the decisions have become on capitol hill. >> what really happen side the house ethics committee traditionally never carries through on these investigations. and usually just, it would bury the investigations and come out with no statement at any point.
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and this ethics committee found itself not able to bury it. >> and there is a lot to be decided. the question what, penalty is it facing now after being found guilty of the 11 charges? there are a couple of things that could happen. one thing, and he would have to stand in front of the house and be publicly scolded for the behavior and the house could pass a statement among the members deploring his actions and there is a dennual of preve limbs. tonight, there are calls around this city for charles wrangle to resign in the office after 40 years and melanie stone who leads the group committees for ethics and responsibility in washington tonight is calling for wrappingel to step aside and that is important to watch and they head towards the new minority status after the big
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losses on election day. >> and he was re-elected and doesn't seem to be phasing them. the end is near as closing arguments wrap up in the chandra levy trial. the evidence that could make or break the prosecution's case. 
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>> it's been a painful nine years for the chandra levy family. a jury is one step closer to deciding the fate of guandique, the man accused in the d.c. intern's murder. each side took an hour to sum up the case. paul wagner is live with the latest. paul. >> reporter: taking an hour, perhaps, brian, but it took longer than that because of all the things that had to be done to get this case to the jury. so it took really all day. the prosecution wanted to point out to the jury that this is essentially a circumstantial case. with everything pointing towards ingmar guandique. the defense told the jury not so. this is a case of fiction and all the government is trying to do is take a puzzle piece and
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fit it into the part of the puzzle where it will not fit. the prosecution and the defense spent a considerable amount of time talking to the jury about the two pieces of evidence that have become central to the trial. the unknown dna found on chandra leavy's tights when it was tested in 2008, and the confession allegedly made to an inmate locked up with ingmar guandique in 2006. prosecutor amanda haines told the jury if prison worked for one person, ladies and gentlemen, it's worked for armando morales, a good samaritan who has tried to do something good. morales corroborates the story. morales told the court that guandique confessed to him. there were fellow gang members and wanted advice how to protect himself. guandique, he said, was afraid of being abled -- labeled a rapist. the defense attorney told the jury all of a sudden after 30 years of crime he's a good samaritan? from sinner to saint on the turn of a dime? ladies and gentlemen, armando
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morales does what is good for armando morales. he came in here and lied to you. you can't trust his words beyond a reasonable doubt. both sides addressed questions about the dna. with amanda haines telling the jury that the dna on levy's tights was contaminated by someone who handled the garment after it was discovered at the crime scene. but sonnenberg said the dna did not match guandique and must belong to the real killer. she also told the jury the government's case was fiction and that is what you heard from the government. it's not proof beyond a reasonable doubt. that is a case of assumptions with the government working backward. you can't do that and amanda haines took an hour to remind the jury what they heard the last three weeks of testimony. walking them through point. >> i point, the circumstantial evidence the -- point-by-point, the circumstantial evidence that points directly to watch deeky, the attacks in the park, the scratches on his neck around the time of levy's disappearance and the
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confession. haines took a photograph of levy and showed it to the jury and said what you have to do is hard, ladies and gentlemen. justice is what needs to happen for this girl. she's been waiting for 9 years. find eng mar guandique guilty. the jury has the case and we did get one more surprise in a string of surprises. the judge is allowing the jury to consider what is called a lesser included, that is if they don't find him guilty of first-degree murder, they will be able to find him guilty of second-degree murder if they find that the evidence fits. brian. >> and you can find paul wagner's blog on still ahead on the news edge. >> drop a coin in the red kettle of the salvation army and this is one of the places where the money goes. toys for needy kids. coming up, why you might see fewer of the red kettles this year. your favorite pizza, we're offering two mediums with up to three toppings for just six bucks each! this offer only lasts ten days ending november 20th so don't miss out!
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>> could be the end of the road for the caffeinated alcohol drinks like four loko. the fda is expected to announce it's too dangerous of a combination. the caffeine can make people think they're more alert and lead to things like drunk driving. a study showed students suffer more injuries when they drink caffeinated alcohol than non- caffeinated alcohol. it's that time of the year. the bright red salvation army kettles are popping up outside of stores and there is a change in this year. a huge partner is limiting how often you will see the kettles. as beth parker shows us, they asking you to change your behavior, too. >> reporter: the bell is ringing but -- . >> we're asking people to, when you see a kettle where it is to get involved with it and get more than last year. >> reporter: you see a few weeks ago, the salvation army got a call that left major steve morris worried. >> we're concerned. >> reporter: giant food stores, a major partner in the red kettle drive is making a
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change. the company's limiting the amount of time any charity can collect in front of its stores. >> thank you. god bless you. >> reporter: giant is giving the sampation army one week in november and one in december. two weeks total instead of six weeks that they got used to. it might be just change you're dropping but adds up. in fact, they collect $1.3 million that is just right here in the d.c. metro area. >> that is real money, significant money that the community gives. >> reporter: a room full of salvation army volunteers and stuffing stockings for kids in need. that is red kettle money and -- . >> 600 people a night in the washington region put their heads on the salvation army pillows. >> reporter: this statement was sent to fox 5, quote, giant is committed to supporting the communities in which we operate to best serve our customers and not hinder their shopping experience. it's necessary to we operate
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within established guidelines. >> thank you! >> but major morris said the bell will keep ringing. >> we're anxious to be where we can be. >> beth parker, fox 5 news. certainly was a washout today. >> yeah. >> and maybe we can continue to this day. >> for the most part we will. >> okay. >> and the rain is going wrap up and we're not done it and -- it and could see a thunderstorm. >> all right. >> the temperatures are interesting, too and getting warmer at the bush of warm and somewhat more moisture-laden air is trying to rise into the region. this is what is going on with the radar. you see the redline there? that is the leading edge of the warmer air and south or east of that line, those are areas where we might see a rumble of thunder later and there is not rain but there is more to come and to mh -- max hd satellite and radar. we had a lot of rain earlier between a half an inch and 3/4 of an inch and more to the west. now when we widen out the picture, you can see the area
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of low pressure that is driving through this rain through the region and will continue to the north and that is getting stronger and is going to start bringing in bigger winds for us and that is why we think as it continues to power to the north, the warm front is going to drag on through and the heaviest rain is over and continue through the evening hours and the temperatures are going to creep up and into the low, mid 60s here and could be a thunderstorm and especially east of d.c. and in a few spots. it's even possible that they could contain gusty and damaging winds. i'll show you whose outlook of a possibility of a strong to severe tomorrow and tomorrow, dry and blustery. we'll get the sun in here fairly early on tomorrow morning and you're not dealing with what you had to deal with today on the road. there is a slight range of thunderstorms -- severe thunderstorms to the south and east and that does not include the metro area and could include southern portions of the del marva, southeastern virginia and into north
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carolina. gusty winds and maybe some isolated rotating thunderstorms that could produce a threat of a tornado in that region and the rest of us could hear a rumble of thunder and unlikely to be damaging. any damage would come from gusty winds. we climbed to 61 degrees at the 6:00 hour and most places in the upper 50s and, yes, it's rainy and also on the mild side. down to our south, we noticed raleigh at 65 and close by as richmond and 63 and winds out of the south. that is what is coming direction and that is not going to be a cold night tonight. we drop -- we don't drop, basically, will stay around the upper 50s and we're not from that. showers, maybe a thunderstorm and winds will pick up tomorrow. a gusty day and it will be a dry day, though, and warmer than today was. 64 degrees and we do want you to know that we're playing up the wind and could see gusts up to 30 miles per hour and mild, too, by noon and up to 63 degrees. i want to let you know that some parts of our area are under a wind advisory and in
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central virginia. most of the jane out of here tonight. the sunshine -- most of the rain is out of here tonight. sunshine back tomorrow and clouds increasing on thursday. this is the five-day forecast to wrap it up for and you that is a good soaking and a couple of clouds on thursday, a spotty sprinkle or two, friday, saturday and send, even though if it's not as warm as last weekend was. >> today's weather reflects the mood in this up to for sure. >> yeah. >> and the redskins loss to the eagles, it was brutal. more reactions of the monday night massacre.
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>> the skins have the options of releasing mcnabb after this year and paying him nothing else. to keep him, he gets a $10
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million donuts -- bonus next season and should have got 10 million for watching last night. it was ugly. if you arrived late, you missed the first quarter and missed 35 eagles points. the first place of scrimmage, 88-yard bomb and racked up 592 total yards and did it all on monday night football and to a team with two weeks off to prepare. >> any time you're embarrassed, it's tough to take, especially when you work hard to win within the division, you know, you win out there and they come in here and make some big plays right away and all of a sudden, about 250, 300 yards in the first quarter. is that that doesn't happen often. >> and racking up bcs points and something like that. should be number one now. >> and that is college, friends. michael vick's pretty good. he'll be ay from agent at the end of the season. people may want to lock him up.
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20-20, the 33 yards, four touchdowns. a quarter rating of 115.7 and got it done with his legs, rushing for 80 yards and two more touchdowns. >> i played against him a lot when i was in st. louis and he's a better player than me, than he was then and a better quarterback. before he was nota -- he could not do the things in the pocket like he was able to do. and we always run. but now, you know, nobody else had a weapon like him hymn and in the football league. >> no, they don't. the 2-6 wizards host the 2- 8 raptors. john wall can't be blamed. he's averaged 18 points and 10 assists per game, he's a rookie and won't play tonight. he's out. wall, no raptors, sprained left foot. suffered to the bolts and he was walking with the aid of
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catches on monday. gilbert a radio -- crutches on monday. gilbert arenas scored 30 points against the bulls on saturday. >> when you have guys like him and kirk and john, john playing, you know, it's nice that one of them can take over the offense and play offense and that is -- more difficult for them to pressure you, take you out of your offense. >> and they have signed the former redskin pitcher and phillies pitcher roy halladay, named the national league cy young award winner. back to you. thanks. now you have the news edge. the news is always on a little bit of rain out there and may be a thunderstorm before the night is over, said sue palka. stay dry and hope to see you back at 10 for the news edge at 11. see you.
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